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The Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection

The Autumn/Winter 2015 collection consists of new range of designs and color schemes. We proudly introduce a brand new section which is called The Stockholm Collection. It's our tribute to our wonderful hometown and the creations in this collection are influenced with a more contemporary design and a monochrome color scheme.

Enter SS16 Collection Tour

It has been a busy summer for us here at Enter. We started the summer with a trip to Paris to take part of Capsule Show Men's Paris. As soon as we touched down in Stockholm again we re-packed our bags and headed to New York for the Capsule Men's New York. It's always quite exciting with fashion trade shows. You see collections and products that are ahead of time and [...]

Landsort Views

 Stockholm has a unique set of islands that collectively is called Stockholm's Archipelago. The very last island at the Southern point of the Archipelago is Landsort. It is famous for it's beautiful lighthouse which was built during 1670 which makes it the oldest lighthouse in the Archipelago. The island Landsort itself is well known for pittoresque village and being [...]

Gamla Stan - Where it all began

Have you ever experienced the feeling of getting thrown back in time when you are in a certain place or city?  Well for us that feeling comes to us when we're in Gamla Stan, which means "Old Town" in Swedish. It's the part of Stockholm that is full of charm with its colorful houses, cobble stone streets, small stores and narrow alleys. You know it's a place that is fu[...]